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We Handle All types of PayPal
account problems

Are Your Dealing With Any of The Following PayPal Account Problems:


PayPal Account Limitations

Withheld Funds

PayPal Dispute Resolution Process

PayPal Chargebacks, and Payment Reversals

PayPal Account Freeze

Reasons for Suspension

Unusual Account Activity

If PayPal believes someone might be accessing your account without your knowledge, the company may limit your account to protect you from fraud. When this happens, PayPal will investigate the suspicious activity to determine whether or not you initiated any purchases during this period. Examples of suspicious activity for buyers could include:

  • Purchases made well outside your general purchase area or during times in which you are generally not active. For example, if you live in New Jersey, you are unlikely to be making purchases at 3am in Dubai.

  • Unusual purchase amounts. In this case, if your account is being used to make several purchases in rapid succession, or to purchase unusually expensive items all at once, PayPal may temporarily limit your activity while they investigate.

If your debit or credit card issuer reports any activity like this to PayPal or flatly describes a transaction as fraudulent, PayPal will immediately limit your account in response.

Excessive Disputes

If you see regular PayPal disputes, claims, and chargebacks, you may get a PayPal account limitation imposed. Chargebacks lead to complications for everyone involved, but especially for you, as a merchant. You incur costly fees, fulfillment and delivery complications, and loss of revenue.

If you’re experiencing a high number of disputes, claims, or chargebacks, there are three general causes that may be responsible:


If your account is out of compliance with PayPal regulatory requirements, the company will limit your account until the matter is resolved. For instance, your account may be restricted if you sell prohibited products that do not align with PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy, such as tobacco, firearms, or drug paraphernalia. Repetitive breaches could lead to your account being banned.

The same is true if you receive donations or accept other non-taxable income, but fail to register as a non-profit organization and provide proper documentation.

Sudden Product Changes

Your account could be limited if you make sudden, rapid changes to what and how much you sell. For example, if you typically sell custom t-shirts or other apparel but suddenly start selling high-end jewelry or electronics. This would raise a red flag to the company that something unusual is happening.

In this case, PayPal will investigate the matter to ensure that your account follows the  PayPal User Agreement before allowing for new activity.

We Are The Pros!

100% Guaranteed

This 12-24 Hour Next Appeal Service will provide immediate relief all above listed PayPal account limitation issues and more.  We use contacting within PayPal Management and Account Review teams to access account data typically withheld.  We use this information to better understand your account concerns so that when we go to address the matter we understand the case from PayPal's perspective.

Standard Appeal

Our Standard Appeal follows our effective Three Step Appeal Process. It is designed to get your PayPal Account Limitation Lifted the first time — but we don’t give up if you don’t get it back the first try.


Appeal letter delivery: 7 - 10 Business Days

Expedited Appeal

Our Rapid Appeal follows the same Three Step Appeal Process as our Standard Appeal – but your PayPal appeal letter will be ready much faster. This is a great option for sellers with large sales volumes. 

Appeal letter delivery: One business day

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