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5 Ways to Win the Buy Box on Amazon

Data reveals that online sales are predicted to account for 17% of total US retail sales in 2022, with no chance of slowing down.

Being the e-commerce giant they are, Amazon offers sellers an opportunity to get on board and drive sales. However, you must understand the ins and outs of the platform to maximize your profit potential and become a prime seller.

The Amazon Buy Box has been gaining traction amongst sellers, and for good reason. It directly impacts conversions, and many compete to win it.

If you struggle to become the Buy Box winner, this guide will come in handy for you.

Why Is It Important to Win The Amazon Buy Box?

Many sellers assume that designing quality products and writing a captivating product description win them the customers. Well, that’s true, but only to a certain extent. Several other factors determine what leads to conversions.

Over 83% of Amazon sales come through the Buy Box, which speaks volumes about its importance. Indeed, the Buy Box is the treasure spot that drastically affects sales and profitability.

Perhaps this explains why more sellers are willing to understand it and how it works. However, the chance of earning a spot in the Buy Box rotation is more likely for high-ranked sellers – those with healthy account metrics and optimal pricing.

When there are several qualified sellers for a specific product, the Buy Box rotates through different sellers throughout the day.

This being said, you can win the Amazon Buy Box with the right strategy and firstly, become eligible to do so.

5 Key Factors to Win the Amazon Buy Box

While a few lesser-known tips and tricks to win the Buy Box help, it is imperative to understand you must become eligible for it in the first place.

Having a Professional Seller account and maintaining its health is a must to qualify. If you fulfill and surpass Amazon’s requirements and seller expectations, the chance of winning the Buy Box will naturally be higher.

Note that Amazon doesn’t directly mention the factors it considers when assigning the Buy Box to sellers. However, experts believe a few determinants are as follows:

Sell New Products

Generally, sellers who win the Buy Box offer new products. Maybe an amateur seller will go for “used condition” products when creating an offer to win the Buy Box.

Pro sellers believe that new condition offers are more likely to win over items in Used condition. So, make sure to list your item in New condition.

While there’s no harm in applying for the Buy Box with old products, you’ll lower your chances of being seen and winning the Buy Box.

Besides, note that Buy Box offers are mainly shown to the Prime customers, and they typically buy items in New condition.

Become a Prime Seller

If you’re a non-Prime seller, you can still absolutely be eligible for the Buy Box. However, experts assume Amazon prioritizes Prime/FBA sellers. The sellers who utilize the fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) automatically qualify for the Prime badge.

However, someone who fulfills their own products (3PL) can also become eligible for Prime. This is known as “Seller-fulfilled Prime.” Note that winning the Buy Box isn’t the only benefit of becoming a Prime seller.

You also get a chance to reach the most loyal Amazon customers, compete more efficiently, and grow your sales – it’s a win-win for sellers.

Provide Competitive Pricing

If your price point varies significantly from your competitors, it’ll do you no good. Amazon believes low prices make the customers happy. Besides, it points out that listing your item within 5% of the existing Buy Box price will boost your chances of winning the Buy Box.

Not surprisingly, the Buy Box price often favors sellers offering the lowest price of a given item. This is why it’s important to work with your suppliers to keep your costs under control and offer lower pricing to customers..

Highly-priced products listed in your inventory won’t matter if they don’t sell. Several factors account for your sales, and pricing is a prominent one.

Determining ways to qualify and win the Buy Box will boost your growth potential and benefit you in the long run.

Keep Your Inventory Inflow Consistent

What good is making offers with minimum products in stock? Your sales would fail to reach specific customers with limited stock. Amazon likes to see consistent inventory inflow. Make sure you are properly managing your inventory levels and shipping to Amazon Fulfillment Centers accordingly.

As such, Amazon could automatically disqualify you from winning the Buy Box if inventory levels on a certain item are too low.

Maintain Solid Seller Feedback

Experts assume that poor seller performance, as well as negative seller feedback, can significantly impact Buy Box eligibility. Too much negative seller feedback will impact the Order Defect Rate (ODR) metric on Amazon Seller Central.

So, if you have poor seller feedback and account health, you cannot expect Amazon to reward you with the Buy Box. Instead, sellers with positive metrics are likely to win and are included in the rotation.

When Does NO Seller Win the Buy Box?

While this is highly uncommon, it does happen. Two instances that might prevent any seller from winning the Buy Box include the following.

  • When no seller meets the minimum Buy Box requirements

  • When they do meet most of the criteria, their seller metrics are poor

  • Their offer price is significantly higher than the listing price

In the event this happens, you would not see any seller below the product name (or Buy Box/Add To Cart box), but only “See All Buying Options.”

Therefore, it is essential to keep the tips shared above in mind and increase your odds of becoming a Buy Box winner.

Wrapping Things Up

There’s no overnight success on Amazon – or any e-commerce platform for that matter. You must comply with the rules and regulations when selling in any marketplace, and Amazon is no exception. Consistency is key and a health account is crucial.

Amazon enforces and encourages specific standards to motivate sellers and guide them to increase profit. The Buy Box is a widget that easily facilitates customer purchases and gives sellers a chance to stay ahead in the eCommerce space.

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