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Amazon Account Suspensions on the Rise for Incorrect Tracking Numbers

As an Amazon seller, you know you have to be super careful with everything you do. And today we’re going to be talking about valid tracking numbers and why it’s so important to be dead on every time you’re entering tracking numbers.

Valid tracking numbers are absolutely vital. We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of Amazon sellers who are having their accounts suspended because either they’re doing it wrong, their staff is doing it wrong, someone’s just not being careful enough, and you’re not entering valid tracking numbers.

So, why is this so important? Because it's triggering whatever algorithm Amazon recently imposed for tracking numbers, and it’s resulting in reports. Those reports get reviewed by Amazon staff. I have met dozens of them when I went to India. When the reports get spit out, an Amazon staff member in India looks at them. Those people, called freshers because most of them are fresh out of school, make decisions whether to suspend your entire business or not.

So, here we are in Q4. The whole world is worried about sourcing problems and getting their holiday presents. The last thing you need is to have your Amazon account suspended for any period of time because someone is not being careful.

So Amazon sellers, here is the takeaway from today’s video: You have to make sure you’re entering valid tracking numbers.

If you want to learn about how to get your account back if you get suspended, download the greatest book in the world on how to avoid Amazon suspensions and how to write plans of action to get your account & listings back, the Amazon Sellers Guide to Suspensions and Reinstatements.

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