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Amazon FBA Suspension 101

Amazon FBA Suspension 101

In order to prevent your account from getting suspended, keep these 10 tips in mind:

1. Be On Top of Your Seller Performance

Amazon prioritizes their customers more than anything else. The amount of trust Amazon has cultivated and established with these customers is so great, that when these shoppers need to buy things many immediately check Amazon. To safeguard this trust, the eCommerce giant creates rules and regulations to ensure its third-party sellers deliver the best for its customers.

Your performance matters especially for your customers and Amazon. Whenever you encounter late shipments, a spike in cancellation rates, or even returns or refunds due to defective items, it affects how Amazon sees your store. If your business gets enough low ratings from your customers, it will merit an Amazon FBA suspension.

To avoid this, you need to ensure that your business complies with the standards that Amazon gives. Continuously monitor your Amazon account health through the Customer Metrics tool in Seller Central.

Look at these statistics when you monitor your seller performance:

Perfect Order Percentage

To get the perfect order percentage, you need to deliver orders without any delay.

To get that percentage:

Total sales (not including refunds or charge-backs)Number of orders within a period of 3 months

Keep in mind that this metric or performance target is only for US sellers. Amazon says that the order percentage needs to be at 95% or more; many may find this quite challenging to maintain due to returns or customer errors.

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