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Amazon Seller v. Seller Complaints, Listing Hijacking & Using the Report Abuse Page

Amazon Seller v. Seller Complaints, Listing Hijacking & Using the Report Abuse Page


With 2 days to go until Q4 hits, I’m really happy to report that Amazon is finally doing something for seller versus seller dirty tricks.

Amazon’s report page has been historically practically useless when a seller has a complaint against another seller. But good news, in these two days before Q4, Amazon seems to apply more resources to that particular complaint system than ever before.

If your listings have been taken advantage of, if your competitors are buying your products and returning them, if your competitors are leaving awful reviews about your products, Amazon seller versus seller reporting system is getting better.

It’s still not great, but it is better than ever before. I think that’s great news for legitimate Amazon sellers that Amazon seems to be putting some resources in allowing sellers to make complaints about other sellers.

Just please do not make any false complaints against your competitors. It’s not the way to go. You’re opening yourself up to your account being shut down. Only use it when there are significant seller versus seller attacks on your brand, on your listings, and on your account.


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