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Baseless Listing Deactivation against Amazon Seller

Baseless listing deactivation? We are here to help Amazon Sellers who have been wrongfully deactivated from their account or had baseless listings deactivated.

We are an Appeal Service with the experience and knowledge to help you get your Amazon Seller account reactivated and your listings reinstated.

What is a Baseless Listing Deactivation?

A baseless listing deactivation occurs when a seller account is interfered with, and the owner is unable to continue profiting from sales, because of accusations made to Amazon that claim the account has violated intellectual property law without evidentiary support.

Baseless claims are often made by brands who want to remove listings that compete with their products, even tho there is no legitimate reason for the listing to be deactivated.

These accusations can also come from brands who have previously approved a seller account as a distributor and as an account permitted to use their trademark and have now decided to take action against the account for doing that.

What can I do to combat a Baseless Listing Deactivation?

When faced with a baseless listing deactivation, you have the ability to reach out to the brand or individual who has made the complaint in an attempt to remedy the situation.

As an alternative, you can hire a service who will contact the brand on your behalf to show evidence that you are not guilty of violating Amazon intellectual property law, getting the complaint officially removed, and reactivating your account quickly.

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