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Cease & Desist: Buy Back & Sell Through Agreements to Resolve Disputes

Cease & Desist: Buy Back & Sell Through Agreements to Resolve Disputes We have multiple clients that come to us all the time with cease and desist letters regarding different brands, that either Vorys sent them a letter for, or another law firm, stating that they are no longer allowed to sell the brand at issue. Now, we can’t always promise that we can get you authorization or some way to continue selling the brand at issue, but usually, we are able to either get a sell-through agreement or a buyback agreement, if we aren’t able to get you authorized. We go about this in a couple of different ways. Some of them will be either through discussions with the opposing attorney, or the opposing attorney will offer that to you prior to you even coming to us. But it all depends on what your goal is coming in and how you want to handle the situation. So if you have any questions regarding cease and desist letters, please do not hesitate to contact us. YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services Office: (317) 728-6789 Email: amazon@younglanesappealservices.com Website: www.younglanesappealservices.com #Amazon #amazonsuspension #amazonsellernews #Amazondropshipping #dropshipping #cynthiastine #thompsonandholt #riverbend #aspkin #aspkinsuspebded #aspkinebay #amazonfba #AmazonPrime #intellectualproperty #ecom #intellectualpropertyattorney #intellectualpropertycomplaints #IPinfringement #IPviolation #IPlaw #amazonsuspension #intellectualpropertysuspension

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