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Do you have a suspended Amazon account? We can help appeal your Amazon account suspension.

If you have a suspended Amazon account, you'll probably need help drafting a Plan of Action to get your account reinstated. This is because Amazon refuses to provide exact details on why your account was suspended in the first place.

Our firm helps sellers address Amazon account suspensions from a legal perspective. In short, we provide strategic and successful appeal plans that cover every detail of Amazon’s extensive requirements for reinstatement.

Amazon suspends accounts fairly regularly. This is due largely to Amazon’s strict adherence to customer obsession. It’s a strategy outlined in their main principles. If Amazon believes (for any reason) that your selling procedures are not maintaining their standard, you will wake up one day to see your Amazon account suspended.

This is where we come in. With a unique mix of talent, a strong knowledge of Amazon culture, and the right experience to back it up, our team caters to sellers who’ve been suspended for any reason. We offer a valuable tool to avoid being left at the mercy of seller performance.

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