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Five Things to Never do After an Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Your Amazon account is suspended, now what? Many sellers make common mistakes which end up damaging the appeal process, delaying reinstatement, and reducing the chance for positive replies from Seller Performance. Reinstatement is a process, and it is very important to start implementing the right practices as soon as the account is suspended. Below are the 10 Don’ts once your Amazon Seller Account has been suspended.

#1: Don’t rush to submit your first appeal

Suspension is a process. Many sellers think that they need to submit something right away, and they waste their appeal button on an ineffective POA (plan of action). Amazon rarely reinstates an account after the first appeal is sent. Unless it’s a very minor violation, the process can take days, or even weeks. Most suspensions require multiple back and forth communications with Seller Performance. Seller Performance suspends thousands of sellers on a daily basis, and Seller Performance investigators only take a few minutes to review each appeal. Make sure that you take your time to prepare the most effective appeal before submitting anything to Seller Performance.

#2: Don’t open a new account Once a seller account is suspended, many sellers think that they can simply open a new account, and start over. Sellers use a different name and bank account, and think that they can fool Amazon, and start selling again. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. Opening a new account after a suspension will damage the appeal process, and delay reinstatement. Amazon has many ways of linking seller accounts, and the second account will be discovered, and linked to the original account. Once the second account is linked, there is ZERO chance of getting the second account reinstated. At this point, the seller has wasted time opening the new account, and reduced their chance of reinstatement on their original account. Focus on preparing the best appeal for your account, and don’t waste time trying to create a new account.

#3: Don’t modify or fabricate invoices for any reason Sellers are becoming more and more aware that Amazon doesn’t want them to obtain their inventory from unauthorized sources. Due to this, once an account is suspended for “inauthentic” inventory, many sellers modify their current invoices to “fit” what Amazon is asking for. If a seller only has a receipt or purchase order, they will create an invoice, and submit it to Amazon hoping that it will work. Most of the time, this method doesn’t work, and it damages the case significantly. Even the slightest modification can result in delays to reinstatement. Amazon sees thousands of invoices on a daily basis, and it is very easy for Seller Performance agents to spot a fake or manipulated invoice. Submitting this kind of invoice can add on another violation called “forged and manipulated”; this type of suspension is very difficult to resolve. Therefore, even if you purchased the products from a supplier located in Asia, a retail location, or a liquidation company, submit the original proof of purchase to Seller Performance. Also, if you drop-ship your merchandise, and you listed products which you never had in stock, it is best to admit your business practices to Seller Performance right away.

#4: Don’t threaten Amazon with legal action Seller Performance likes to see that the seller is taking accountability for their actions, and they want to deal directly with the seller during the appeal process. Many sellers reach out to an attorney for assistance, and the attorney starts contacting Seller Performance on the sellers’ behalf.  Attorneys lack the ability to assist in the reinstatement process.  Why?  Because when you sign on to become a seller on Amazon you agree to all of Amazon terms and conditions.  Whether you feel decisions made against your account are unfair or not, you have essentially agreed to any negative actions taken against you by Amazon seller performance.  

#5: Don’t contact Seller Support by email or through your seller account Seller Performance is the ONLY department that can assist once an account is suspended. There is no direct phone number for Seller Performance. All communications must be handled through email. Contrary to what most sellers think, Seller Support has absolutely no ability to impact the results of a suspension. It is quite confusing because many suspension notices instruct sellers to “Contact Seller Support” if they have any questions. Unfortunately, Seller Support only provides basic customer support, and they typically provide their advice based on generic templates. Even though Seller Support cannot assist with the account reinstatement, they sometimes provide advice to the seller which can damage the appeal process. Since the advice is coming from a department within Amazon, most sellers believe it to be credible, and base their appeals on inaccurate information. Make sure to only communicate with Seller Performance once the account is suspended.

If your Amazon seller account is suspended contact the professionals of YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services.  What separates them from other services such as Riverbend Consulting, Thompson & Holt, or even SellerCare?  YoungLanes Amazon Appeal services has a team of former Amazon seller performance representatives that understand how Amazon seller performance really works.  Additionally, they use contacts within Amazon seller performance to access your account annotations.  These account indexes reveal what specifically is required within a plan of action to get a reinstatement in each individual case.  Understanding each customers unique suspension details eliminates all guessing and allows teams at YoungLanes to create customized appeal plans that are sure to get your account reinstated.  [url=http://www.younglanesamazonappealservices.com]YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services[/url] will not trick customers with fake statistics such as "100% reinstatements in 2018" or "Guaranteed account reinstatement in less than 24 hours."   We simply back our services with FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEES on the services that they provide.  No need for fake statistics, or scare tactics to cohere Amazon sellers into buying a particular service.  If you are dealing with any Amazon seller performance related issues, call YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services TODAY! 

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