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How to Appeal Against Amazon Account Suspension?

Having an Amazon account suspended or if you see Amazon suspending your business account beyond your concerted effort, go through Amazon Account Audit, and pay special attention to each ASINs that have previously received policy warnings.

You must carefully review the suspension notification to determine which rules you violated. You should go with Amazon’s laws and agreements pages and your Seller Central performance metrics to determine which policy or rules you violated.

If you require any additional information about your suspension, you should consider submitting a support ticket to get it clarified.

Make a note of the reason for the suspension in your appeal:

  • Don’t be critical of Amazon’s product quality assurance procedure.

  • Tell Amazon that you are devoted to providing excellent customer service and recognize that selling on their website is a privilege.

  • Accept responsibility for your actions and express regret for the pain you have caused the customer.

To maximize your chances of winning your appeal, your desired Plan of Action should be detailed and based on the findings of your internal investigation.

This is a critically crucial component of your appeal strategy. Keep in mind that if the investigators require additional information, your appeal would be delayed because time is money, as they say.

Your Plan of Action should pinpoint why customers were dissatisfied with the performance of the goods and include appropriate solutions to ensure that it doesn’t happen again in the future.

Suppose you’re a seller who’s been banned due to shipping issues. You might want to mention that you’re relocating your business to FBA to resolve the problem. Check out the proper shipping requirements FBA.

As soon as you’re prepared to submit your appeal, navigate to the Performance Warning or performance section of Seller Central, and locate your suspension notice. After that, click the “Appeal” button, followed by the submission of your Plan of Action. Then wait for their response.

If this is something you do not have the time to do or feel comfortable doing, let us know. This is a service we offer!

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