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How to Resolve eBay and Amazon Related Account Suspensions 

What do you do if you receive an Amazon suspension for having a related account and you really don’t have another account?

Many Amazon sellers have multiple accounts even though it goes against Amazon’s rules. This video will explain the steps necessary to get your account back if you are falsely accused of having multiple Amazon accounts.

Where do you start if you are a falsely accused Amazon seller?

1. IDENTIFY POSSIBLE CAUSES – You essentially want to create some sort of checklist or launch your own personal investigation to try and figure out why you were flagged by Amazon. You need to ask yourself: What could have caused the suspension? A seller must look to see if they have used a public or shared WiFi or had other individuals with access to their computer using their IP address.

Many times, related accounts suspensions are triggered not by anything you did, but rather by something done by a member of your staff (an employee could be a former or current Amazon seller competing with you without your knowledge.)

Amazon refers to this identification of possible causes as a ‘Deep Dive’; a self-analysis to identify the root cause of the problem. Keep in mind that Amazon will never let you know what led them to believe that you have related accounts, they will simply suspend your account.

Sometimes, the cause is obvious: look at your staff, your computer system, where you’re working from, and try to figure out the cause. You also need your staff to be honest with you about their work history, where their computers came from, and what they’re doing in their off hours.

2. CORRECT THE CAUSE – Once you have identified the cause of the problem, it is really important that you correct it. If you really only have one account, it will be easier to appeal.

EXAMPLE: If you have used a shared WiFi space, let Amazon know that going forward, you will not be sharing WiFi anymore.

The most important thing is to actually implement the correction. It’s one thing to tell Amazon that you’re not going to use a shared WiFi space, but you must ensure that happens and be sure that your staff is doing the same. If you receive a related accounts suspension a second time, your chances of reinstatement become extremely slim. You not only have to promise Amazon that you are going to be careful, you actually have to BE careful.

3. REFRESH COMPUTERS – MAC address identification is difficult to overcome. CJ Rosenbaum, managing partner at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC recommends, “Take all your current computers and either donate or throw them out. If your team is using their computers at home and bringing them to work, STOP! Go to the store and get them a new computer and keep it at your place of business. Do not let employees work from home if you are concerned that a member of your staff might be selling from home, running their own Amazon account, or working with other sellers.”

Even if you are not running multiple accounts, you have to be able to demonstrate that there is no link and also prevent any links from occurring. Whatever you identify as the problem, you must fix it and ensure that it does not reoccur.

“It might be tempting to get out a quick reply to Amazon denying their allegations, but the best thing a suspended Amazon seller can do is to take a step back, take a deep breath, and then try to identify the cause of the suspension. If you can do that, this will be a relatively easy problem to fix,” suggests Travis Stockman, paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC.

A suspended seller must understand that their appeal is a one shot opportunity. If you tell Amazon that there is a problem but don’t correctly implement the measures, or just send them a quick message denying the accusations, you will most likely get a notification stating that ‘you may not sell on Amazon and that they reserve the right to not respond to any future emails.’ This is something that all Amazon sellers want to avoid. It is very important to be diligent about matters the first time; identify and correct the problem, then continue to do so.

4. FILE A PLAN OF ACTION – Make sure it is accurate, complete, and follow through with it. Get the plan of action right the first time: identify the root cause, take corrective action, then take preventative action. It is easy to be impulsive and send a quick email response because you want to see your account back online, but if you want to see your business succeed, it is more important to take things slowly.

If you continue to find difficult in appealing your own case do not hesitate to call or offices immediately for assistance. Representatives at Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services are available 24 hrs a day by phone or live chat on the website to assist you with any online selling issues you are dealing with.

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