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My Walmart Seller Account Was Suspended – Now What?

Having your Walmart seller account suspended can prove detrimental to you as a Walmart seller, which is why you need to be prepared if and when it happens. Understanding why your account has been suspended and what you need to do to reinstate it is key to getting your account back up and operational.

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Reasons for Walmart Seller Account Suspensions

There are four common reasons for Walmart seller account suspensions:

  • Performance Standard Violations: Walmart issues a Seller Scorecard that tracks rates for cancellations, returns, delivery, and tracking. Violation of Walmart’s standards in these areas can lead to suspension of your selling privileges.

  • Breach of Marketplace Retailer Agreement: As a condition of selling on Walmart, sellers agreed to the Walmart Marketplace Retailer Agreement which incorporates and requires compliance with all its established retailer policies.

  • Trust & Safety Standards Violations: Sellers must comply with Walmart’s policies regarding intellectual property, regulatory compliance, and the sale of offensive products. Failure to do so can lead to suspension.

  • Failure to Comply with Operational Standards: Walmart has strict operational standards that must be adhered to in order to keep customers satisfied. It is important to comply with these standards to prevent suspension.

Discover the Reason for Suspension

Discovering why your seller account was suspended may be a simple matter, or it may involve conducting an audit of your business practices. Either way, you must understand what happened before you can proceed with having your account reinstated. Consulting with a law firm such as ours can be helpful when your Walmart seller account is suspended. Because of our vast experience dealing with e-commerce giants, we may be able to see issues of concern from a different perspective.

Create and Submit a Plan to Walmart

You will need to formulate a plan of reinstatement that makes it clear that you take the matter seriously, and it will need to incorporate the following:

  • The steps you have taken to discover exactly what caused the suspension in the first place. Walmart will want to be sure that you understand your error.

  • The ways in which the error has been remedied

  • The protocols you have enacted to ensure the same error will not be repeated

Prevent Future Walmart Suspensions

Once you have your account reinstated, you will need to be certain you do not face any more suspensions for the same or different reasons. The best way to do this is to re-familiarize yourself with the terms of the Marketplace Retailer Agreement and implement a protocol that ensures you will be notified of any and all changes made to the agreement. You may also want to consider investing in software that tracks inventory and other workflows that are important to remain in Walmart’s good graces.

Consult With Our Attorney if Your Walmart Seller Account Was Suspended

If your Walmart seller account was suspended, contact the professionals at our firm, Younglanes, to schedule a no-cost 30-minute initial consultation. Our attorneys are well-informed regarding Walmart’s selling policies and will review your case to determine your best course of action. Our goal is to help you have your account reinstated so you can return to business as usual.

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