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My Years at Amazon Seller Performance by Marc Liu.

My Years at Amazon Seller Performance by Marc Liu.

In this Prime Talk Podcast video Sponsored by GETIDA - Marc Liu, the CEO of Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services, a former Amazonian and a suspension specialist, speaks about the challenges of Amazon seller suspensions during the global Coronavirus pandemic. He advises on what third-party Amazon sellers can do about it. Marc also shares his life experience and how he got to work for Amazon, start his successful business, and faces his own business challenges.

The challenges of Covid-19 on Amazon sellers have been tremendous. Amazon sellers have gotten suspended for price gauging, shipping orders late, listing products related to Personal Protection Equipment, and much more. Marc shares some of his knowledge and insights about how to handle Amazon suspensions during Covid-19. A key rule is to always play it straight, be ready to react quickly when an issue arises, and then make sure to keep patience once you submit a Plan of Action.

Marc Liu is also a frequent commentator about Amazon compliance at established news outlets such as CNBC, Forbes, WSJ, Bloomberg, and the NY Times.

Tune in to see this episode of My Years at Amazon Seller Performance by Marc Liu!

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