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Protecting Your Amazon Seller Account From Rights Owner Disputes, PERMANENTLY

As we approach the last quarter of 2019, rights owner disputes both legitimate and non-legitimate are at an all-time high.   With retail arbitrage product sourcing at an all time high many sellers are listing hundreds of different ASIN(s) at a time not understanding the risk involved when selling so many different products.  

Amazon has changes there internal polices regarding Rights Owner Disputes and many opportunistic sellers are taking advantage of the fact that Amazon seller performance will simply allow anyone to claim the branding, intellectual, or trademarks of a particular brand providing little to no documentation.  Additionally, they begin to file complaints against any sellers' listing these products either causing the suspension or ASIN listing removals on competing seller's accounts.  

What makes these suspensions so tough to deal with is that the rights owners must retract the complaint before Amazon Seller Performance will consider reinstating your Amazon selling account if you are faced with this type of suspension.  This essentially leaves the restoration of your Amazon business at the hands of rights owners who time and time again manipulate systems set in place to protect sellers for there own illicit gain.

What can you do if you are facing rights owner disputes?

The best way to defend against rights owner disputes would be to prevent them from having any negative affects on your Amazon seller account, account annotations, and overall Amazon account score.  When you enroll in our Amazon Suspension Prevention Program we will have weekly inserts placed on your Amazon Seller account annotations that will essentially make your account immune to right owner complaints for any product that you sell, even Apple branded products.  What even better is that your account will be protected with the Suspension Protection Program and if your account is suspended at anytime while enrolled you will be eligible for the $3500 Amazon Seller Suspension Insurance Coverage payout, and we will also address the suspension for you at no additional charge.   

Going into the last quarter of the yearly do not let competitors ruin your holiday sales.  Ensure that your Amazon Seller account is fully protected from these types of attacks, while also allowing you to freely sell your already listed products freely.  If you are interested in protecting your Amazon Seller account contact us today by phone or email and a representative can help you get protected!

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