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REINSTATEMENT SUCCESS: Winning Appeal for Suspended Seller: Getting Proof of Authenticity

We have been seeing a lot of situations arise in the health and beauty category on Amazon, where sellers are being requested to provide a licensing agreement or a letter of authorization by a brand to show that they’re allowed to sell the products on Amazon. In the past, Amazon has stated in their BSA that they do not enforce distribution agreements. If this is a situation you find yourself in, where you do not have a licensing agreement or letter of authorization, you have to go by the book & explain to Amazon that this is clearly enforcing distribution and that you're sourcing products legitimately. You should have no problem proving this.   Contact us today.  Here for sellers every day: MON-FRI: 9am – 8pm, SAT & SUN: 10am – 6pm EST   🚩 CALL (317)728-6789 FOR A FREE CONSULTATION GET HELP NOW: Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services is required by law to assure you 100% confidentiality. For additional information on Amazon requesting documents from sellers: Having Proper DOCUMENTATION for INAUTHENTIC SUSPENSIONS Business verification for people and companies selling gated brands. REINSTATEMENT SUCCESS: Winning Appeal for Suspended Seller: Getting Proof of Authenticity from Supplier’s Website YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services Office: (317) 728-6789 Website: www.younglanesappealservices.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/YounglanesAmazonAppeals/ Amazon Suspension Forum: Amazon Suspension Forum: https://www.facebook.com/ #Amazon #amazonappeal #appealAmazonSuspension #paypal #eBay #IPlawyers #amzseller #Younglanes #amazonfba #AmazonPrime #intellectualproperty #ecom #intellectualpropertyattorney #intellectualpropertycomplaints #IPinfringement #IPviolation #IPlaw #amazonsuspension

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