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Sellers who are clicking ‘sell globally’ and opening up accounts at Amazon’s request are getting hit

Not sellers who are reaching out and doing research and saying, hey, I want to get into the international game, but sellers who are simply clicking a button that Amazon is providing are getting suspended for having related accounts. What I want you to know is that while we are huge proponents of selling internationally with Amazon, there are a certain number of sellers getting suspended for having related accounts. When that happens, what you need to do is to address the cause of this suspension. You need to identify to Amazon in a persuasive plan of action what you were doing, what you were doing well, what you can improve, and then how this suspension occurred. You want to spell out to Amazon staff in India that the sell globally button was put right in front of you and you clicked it and followed through the best that you could. Now, what likely happened is that it came across as creating a new account rather than selling globally through your existing account. We believe this is a temporary glitch on Amazon’s side and that each and every seller suspended for related accounts after clicking Amazon’s ‘sell globally’ button will get reinstated. So don’t stress more than necessary. Take a deep breath. When you’re selling on Amazon, there are multiple bumps in the road. On the other hand, it is the hugest opportunity to get into worldwide retail. Literally, you could start competing with the biggest sellers in the world with a credit card and a cell phone. What I want you to know is that this is happening to sellers and you’re not the only one. It’s a glitch in the system that we are very confident we’ve worked out fairly soon.

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