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Things You Need to Know to Avoid Amazon FBA Suspension

Things You Need to Know to Avoid Amazon FBA Suspension

Do you know that the annual sales on Amazon amount to more than $100 billion with around 250 million shoppers globally? There’s no doubt that a lot of customers trust Amazon because of their name and the numerous benefits that they get just from shopping on this eCommerce platform. This makes Amazon a very tough competitor to beat.

Amazon FBA Suspension 101

Amazon is a platform that empowers sellers like you to gain your customers’ trust about a certain product. It judges you by your ability to provide the best customer experience you can give to your shoppers by punctually shipping the products and updating them about their parcels. With the amount of selling going on in the platform, it’s inevitable that some of you will experience an Amazon FBA suspension. You may wonder how to open an Amazon account after suspension or how an Amazon reinstatement service works.

To cut it short, every negative feedback that you receive as a seller alerts Amazon that there may be something wrong with how you’re handling customers or your business. With enough red flags, you can face a suspension and might need the help of an Amazon suspension expert to regain your account. Frankly, there are many reasons why Amazon suspends accounts. One thing’s for sure, when your account gets suspended your funds are frozen and you won’t be able to sell on Amazon.

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