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Tips on How to Avoid Related Account Suspensions for Amazon Sellers

Tips on How to Avoid Related Account Suspensions for Amazon Sellers There are different ways to be related to another individual’s Amazon account. You may know this already, but just to go over it once more… Your AMZ accounts can be related through WiFi, through your IP address, credit cards, emails, through shared business addresses, even shared bank accounts. There’s many different ways to be associated with another account. So if you want to avoid this, you’ve got to make sure you are on separate WiFi, IP addresses, in comparison to anybody else in your household and anybody else in your apartment complex. Wherever you may be, don’t join public WiFi when you’re out and about. Just be careful where you are and what you’re doing when you access your Amazon seller storefront. Also, if you’re buying something on Amazon as a customer, you should also be aware. Don’t add other people’s cards onto your account unless you’re positive they’re not an Amazon seller because we’ve seen cases where people have been related to another account due to credit cards. It’s very easy to happen. So just protect yourself out there and be aware of what you’re doing with your Amazon storefront.   🚩 CALL (317) 728-6789 FOR A FREE CONSULTATION

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