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Understanding Amazon Seller Performance

Amazon Seller Performance Team is the faceless deity that controls the fate of Amazon Sellers.  In many case Amazon Seller policies, and actions taken are protected from civil penalties as that when you agree to become a seller on Amazon you are essentially agreeing to even the most malicious actions taken against your Amazon Seller account.  The question how can you deal with this department in an effective enough manner to resolve the various account problems that can arise?   When are problem arises on your Amazon Seller account most sellers will receive a performance notification.  These are automated responses from Amazon that details problems and vaguely explain how you can resolve these problems.  Not properly addressing these problems in a sufficient or timely manner can result on the suspension or ban of your Amazon Seller account.  How does Amazon seller performance decide on suspensions, listing removals, bans, etc.?  All Amazon accounts are scored based on risk factors (inventory, seller velocity, business locations, etc.) all play a role into how your Amazon Seller account is scored.  The scoring system is based on the numbers 1 (worst) - 10 (best).  As that there are millions of Amazon Sellers worldwide, this is how Amazon determines what accounts are to monitor, as that it would be impossible to monitor ALL Amazon seller's simultaneously.

Amazon Account Score Ranges:

1 - 3 Suspended or At Risk of Suspension; Heavily Monitored Accounts

4 - 7 Average Account Score; Standard 90 Day Monitoring Practices

8 - 10 Above Average Amazon Account; Minimal Account Monitoring; Eligible for Amazon Rank Boosters; and Re-Targeting SEO

98% of Amazon Suspensions, Listing removals, Bans, or even payments issues are initiated by Amazon's automated account monitoring. Negative feedback, A-Z claims, Phoned Customer Complaints, return request and Seller Metrics all directly affect your overall Amazon account score.  There are also many underlying factors that can detrimentally affect your overall account score as well.  Improper account verification, fraud alerts, or federal restraining orders against your account or inventory can also affect your Amazon account.  Regardless, your overall Amazon account score will play the biggest role in your overall Amazon account status and success.  As that Amazon Seller performance has no open lines of communication; they simply rely on the Amazon algorithm to determine account issues and over account performance.  So, for instance, when a seller submits a POA (Plan of Action) to resolve a particular account problem, if you do not successfully submit a plan that addresses all issues directly affect the account score, then the likelihood of the plan of action achieving positive results are low.  The best example to describe this would be a situation where an Amazon account is suspended for high order defect rate.  Obviously your ODR (Order Defect Rate) will detrimentally affect your Amazon account score, however your ODR alone will not result in a suspension.  The culmination of problems will result in a suspension and ALL of those issues will need to be addressed within a plan of action with proactive and retroactive resolutions to resolve all issues listing within the Amazon account annotations.  Many Amazon suspension services either are simply ignorant of this information, or choose to withhold it from Amazon sellers.  As that if Amazon Seller can learn how to maintain account score between 8 - 10, the need for Amazon attorneys, suspensions services, etc. would essentially be eliminated.  Our goal here at YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services is to ensure that ALL Amazon Sellers are fully aware of how Amazon Seller Performance really works, and what steps that can take to immediately improve your Amazon Seller account.  Understanding the true nature of Amazon Seller performance can save your business and protect your income.   Do not continue to be fooled by those who claim to understand Amazon seller performance, especially if they do not have the resources to help you identify your overall Amazon Account score, and explain what customized steps you can take to make your Amazon Seller account suspension proof! Call us today if you would like assistance in obtaining your overall Amazon account score, and receiving a customized plan detailing how you can protect your Amazon seller account and make your business more profitable! Written By: Lamont Lane, CEO YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services Office: (317) 728-6789 Website: www.younglanesappealservices.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/YounglanesAmazonAppeals/ Amazon Suspension Forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/121533495081177/

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