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Used Sold as New Amazon Suspensions: When someone sells a product that they think is new, but a buyer flags the product as not new. This can happen for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons that this happens a lot is when a seller is part of Amazon’s repackaging system. This can be disabled in your seller central account under Settings > Fulfillment by Amazon > Repackaging Settings. If you get suspended for a used sold as new complaint, you can include this in your plan of action. Another tip would be to check your invoices. Amazon will want to see good invoices from reputable suppliers. You can also request bin checks of your inventory. It helps find damaged, opened, or expired inventory. If you’ve been suspended on Amazon, contact us for a free consultation Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services Phone: (317) 728-6789 Email: amazon@younglanesappealservices.com Website: www.younglanesappealservices.com 24/7 online and phone support available! #Amazon #amazonappeal #appealAmazonSuspension #paypal #eBay #IPlawyers #amzseller #Younglanes #amazonfba #AmazonPrime #intellectualproperty #ecom #intellectualpropertyattorney #intellectualpropertycomplaints #IPinfringement #IPviolation #IPlaw #amazonsuspension

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