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What Does Amazon Account Suspended Mean?

In a nutshell, account suspension means you’ll no longer be able to market or sell anything on the site. When a seller violates Amazon’s policy initiatives, terms, and conditions while conducting their selling activities, it is an “account suspension.”

Thousand of people face Amazon suspension every year for a certain period of time. Throughout this suspension time, neither any of your Amazon product pages will be visible or accessible to the audience on the website. Your existence on Amazon is effectively eliminated, but don’t worry, you can file an appeal to remove the suspension and return your account. 10% of people reinstated their Amazon account within 24 hours, while the rest of them wait for 3 to over 5 days approximately.

Sellers are always notified when Amazon suspends their accounts. You can strategize your appeal following the type of Amazon account suspension that has been imposed on you.

There are different kinds of account suspensions on Amazon:

  • Account Deactivated

A deactivated Amazon Seller account will prevent you from selling on Amazon in the future. If you think Amazon made a mistake or violated policies, you must contact Amazon and file an appeal within 90 days. This usually happens when an account is linked to another previously banned from using Amazon.

  • Account Suspended

This signifies that your Amazon Seller account is no longer operational. You’ll need to contact Amazon to find out why this is happening, as you may have done something incorrectly on purpose, or there may not be much of a reason.

To get your account back, you’ll need to develop a plan of action to fix the problem with Amazon.

  • Account Denial

The Denial type is a difficult situation. This is because it occurs after you have already submitted an appeal with Amazon for reactivation and your appeal has been denied.

Although, there’s some opportunity for you to revise and resubmit your Plan of Action if you so want.

  • Account Ban

In the case of this suspension, there’s no possibility for an appeal. The ability to sell on Amazon will be removed, and any appeals emails you submit won’t be viewed by Amazon at all, despite your efforts.

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