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Why is my Amazon Account DEACTIVATED from a Related Account Suspension?

Why is my Amazon Account DEACTIVATED from a Related Account Suspension? Our client’s account was deactivated due to a related accounts allegation. So after discussing the case with our client and the client trying to figure out whose account their current Amazon account was related to, they realized that although they’ve been selling on this account since 2017, they did previously have an account that was created in 2002 that was used to sell their textbooks when they were in school. So although this account was created a long time ago, our client accidentally used that same email address to try to log in to the current account. We're in the process of demonstrating this to Amazon by trying to show AMZ that our client has not sold on this account since 2002 - they were only selling textbooks on that account from when they were in school, which was years ago. They have not since done any sales, had any orders, had no business with this account originally created. We have the documentation and the information to provide to Amazon. But unfortunately with related accounts, sometimes they can be difficult. You really do have to explain it thoroughly to Amazon in hopes of getting the account back. *** If you hired another company to draft your Plan of Action or Appeal and they’re not available to you, contact us today. We are here for Amazon sellers every day of the week: MON-FRI: 9am – 8pm, SAT & SUN: 10am – 6pm EST *** 🚩 CALL NOW (317) 728-6789 FOR A FREE CONSULTATION

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