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Amazon Seller Suspension Insurance Coverage

Minimum premiums begin at $500 annually per year and can possibly higher based on coverage needs, and account risk.


To be eligible for coverage, sellers must be based in the U.S. or UK and sell on Amazon.com, or Amazon.co.uk.


If a seller has been suspended in the last year, been contacted by Amazon about a potential issue in the last 180 days, or had their account terminated on another marketplace, Agents will ask for further information and make a decision on a case-by-case basis. Those circumstances don’t necessarily prevent sellers from being covered.


There are several different reasons that Amazon accounts can be suspended. Suspensions caused by performance issues, poor metrics or policy violations are typically covered, as long as they weren’t the result of dishonest or criminal activity (such as counterfeiting) or the result of other intentional wrongful acts.

The same goes for inauthentic complaints or product quality issues. As long as the seller acts in good faith and does not intentionally violate Amazon’s selling policies, they should be covered.


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In-house claims team is experienced and accessible, working with policyholders to resolve claims quickly and provide support throughout the reinstatement process.