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Amazon Account Protection Services

Amazon Account Protection Services


Amazon Suspension Prevention Services 

Cost:  $1599 / Yearly


  1. Weekly Account Reports (Account Annotations & Account Score)
  2. Account Clean-Up ( Negative Feedback Removal, and A-Z Claim Assistance)
  3. Free Consultations
  4. Notification of unauthorized and unexpected changes to your Amazon listings. It responds to common issues like listing hijacking and piggybacking, review manipulation and numerous other threats.
  5. Competition and distribution monitoring
  6. Listing Monitoring for many different changes, such as Title, image and category changesNew negative reviews, or negative reviews appearing as top ratedAverage product rating changesReviews being deletedProduct suppression or suspensionA new seller on the listing, or a new seller winning the Buy BoxBest Seller badge changesSearch ranking changesPrice changes and MAP violations
  7. Automated Actions: Automatic cease and desist messagesAutomatic comments on negative reviews (Our 24/7 interactive cease and desist notices can be configured to your needs. A typical scenario for private label sellers and direct-to-consumer brands, is if a new seller comes onto your listing. For those with authorized distributors, you can whitelist sellers to prevent them being sent unnecessary warnings.)


Reinstatement Services 

Virtual Amazon Account Assistance Services