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ebay account suspended MC011 Reinstatement Service

EBay Seller Account Suspension MC011 Reinstatement Service


Our core sector of expertise is dealing with Seller Suspended Accounts and reinstating them in the shortest possible time. We use contacts within eBay's in Seller Executive Departments to get you back selling on Ebay, in as little as 24 hours, although our average time to get reinstated is 3 days.


This service can also address VERO issues:

1) Speak with the rights owner and make an agreement with them.
2) Destroy any data, images, etc. that were in violation of the rights holder’s intellectual property.
3) Edit or delete your listings to conform to the rights-holder’s demands.
4) Remove violating listings from your management software, so they can’t be posted back to eBay in the future.
Send eBay a copy of the agreement and show them that the rights holder approved your changes.


Money Back Guarantee Policy

This service is fully guarantee.  If your eBay account is not reinstated within 14 business days after the initial filing of the provided appeal you will be alloted the option for a full refund.  We pride ourselves in offering a no hassle money back guarantee option so that you know we are utilizing max efforts in getting your account reinstated!


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