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Amazon Account Suspended? Here’s The Right Way to Appeal & Get It Back


5 Comments / Amazon, Amazon FBA / By Ryan Grant

Are you trying to work through an Amazon account suspension? Or are you just curious about what to do if your Amazon account is suspended?


Unfortunately, there is a lot of very bad information and advice out there about dealing with Amazon account suspensions. Some of the tactics people use even make it more likely that you get permanently banned from the platform.


This post is going to share the RIGHT way to deal with a suspended Amazon seller account – even if you believe your Amazon account was suspended for no reason – and the things you can do to increase the odds that your appeal to Amazon is successful.


This is a process I have been through myself because my Amazon account was suspended in the summer of 2015. It’s a very stressful ordeal and something I don’t wish on anyone, so I hope this post will help you get your Amazon account reinstated as fast as possible.


Click here if you are interested in reading examples of successful appeal letters others have used, including the one I used to get my account reinstated. If that link doesn’t work, it is probably due to pop up blockers and you can use the form at the end of this post instead.


Throughout this post, we’re going to focus on what you can do to increase the odds you get your account back. Here are the key details that we’ll go over:


  • What to do if Amazon suspends your account
  • Determining why your account was suspended
  • The 3 things to include in your appeal
  • Don’t say that!
  • How to submit your appeal
  • DIY vs hiring a pro (plus how much a pro costs)
  • Should you reach out to
  • Appeal templates


What do I do if my Amazon account is suspended?

If you just got the suspension notice from Amazon, make sure you do not respond until you take the following steps:

Determine exactly why Amazon decided to suspend your account.


Take steps to resolve the issues in the eyes of Amazon and the affected customers, if applicable.

Implement new systems to ensure the issues do not happen again.


Follow the guidelines below to send an appeal to Amazon that takes responsibility for the situation and shows your commitment to avoiding the same problems in the future.

Telling the truth and showing accountability are two of the biggest things you can do to improve the odds that your appeal is successful. The rest of the post will break down this process further.


Determine the root cause of your suspension

The first thing you should do when you start putting together your appeal is to determine exactly what led to the suspension in the first place.


You might feel that you have done everything right and aren’t at fault, but I’d encourage you to enter this process looking for ways you can improve. In general Amazon will want you to change something about how you are operating your business so that similar issues aren’t likely in the future.


The first step is to identify exactly what the problem was in the first place. Was it due to a high return rate on an item? Was it due to an IP violation? Was it due to a customer complaining an item was inauthentic? Were multiple factors at play?


If you’ve been suspended then you should have a performance notification or an email that looks like this:


The message from Amazon should make it pretty clear why they decided to suspend you. In my case, you can see that it was due to buyer complaints about the condition and description of items.


Amazon also has a page on their site with information on what research you should do based on the different reasons they give for account suspension. You can review that directly on Amazon here.


In the process of researching why Amazon suspended your account, make sure you review:


  • All of your orders for the ASIN or ASINs in question
  • All of your customer messages related to those orders
  • The return details report related to the orders for the affected ASINs
  • Any customer feedback for the orders containing the affected ASINs
  • Any other details that relate to the reason that you were suspended in the first place


Do a complete review and you should be able to figure out what triggered the suspension in the first place.

Tip: You should be proactively monitoring any feedback you are getting from customers looking for ways to improve before a disastrous event like an account suspension happens.


For example, if you were suspended due to an inauthentic item by going through the steps in the bullets above, you will likely find a customer using the word “fake” or “counterfeit” somewhere in the communication. This could be in a message, in the return details, or in feedback they left for you.

That’s just one example that may not apply to your situation, but in general, you want to find the reason that you believe caused Amazon to trigger the suspension.

As you are doing this research, it is also a very good idea to make sure the same problems aren’t happening (or likely to happen) on products that haven’t been flagged yet. You don’t want to go through the work of getting your account reinstated only to run into the same problem with other products down the road.