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We Handle All types of Walmart account suspensions

We can help reinstate your Walmart Seller Account with a uniquely drafted appeal and plan of action.

Our core sector of expertise is dealing with Seller Suspended Accounts and reinstating them in the shortest possible time. We utilize the experience of Seller Performance staff who used to work in the Seller Performance Team and review Seller appeals, they know how to write your Walmart appeal letter and plan of action to get you back selling on Walmart in as little as 24 hours. 


Although our average time to get reinstated is 3 days.

Reasons for Suspension

1. Failure to meet seller performance standards

  • The Walmart Performance Standards that sellers must follow include (but are not limited to):

  • The Order Defect Rate (ODR) should be less than 2% when calculated over a 90 day period.

  • The Rate of Shipment in time should be higher than 99%.

  • Walmart sellers must provide valid tracking details within 24-hours of shipment more than 99% of time.

2. Violations of Marketplace Retailer Agreement

  • When you sign up as a Seller, you agree to the Marketplace Retailer Agreement. Of course, the Agreement isn’t just a set of guidelines – it’s a legally binding contract which, once you’ve signed, means you must abide by the Terms and Conditions outlined by Walmart.

  • Violations can include selling inauthentic merchandise, used goods, selling items you’re not legally entitled to sell, not fulfilling orders, neglecting to share shipping status, or neglecting to process returns, refunds, or order cancellations.

3. Failure to meet operational standards

  • Sellers on Walmart Marketplace must maintain top-level operations at all times. This includes ensuring on-time shipments and deliveries, providing excellent customer service, and issuing refunds within the designated time period.Specific standards of operation include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer Service: Transparently and correctly supplying all information about products so that customers are well-informed about their purchases; cooperating with Walmart as a partner and providing timely responses to inquiries from customers; complying with the changes to standards over time.

  • Respect and Equality: Sellers must not engage in the practice of forced or underage labor; must not discriminate based on race, gender, age, or creed; must abide by all laws around recompensating and working hours of workers, must not make deductions that do not align with laws, nor retain wages or delay them in unfair or illegal practices; must not discourage the formation of trade unions; must ensure a safe work environment for all workers.

4. Violations of Trust and Safety standards

  • Sellers on Walmart Marketplace are required to maintain the Trust and Safety Standards set forth by Walmart, lest their accounts be immediately suspended. These standards have the following clauses:

  • Regulatory compliance: A breach of this standard occurs when a banned product or product that is a risk to product and food safety regulations is listed on Marketplace. This could include prescription drugs, gambling or surveillance products, or baby products which have not been certified or tested, for example.

  • Offensive product: A breach of this standard occurs when you’ve listed an item that is considered offensive to customers, including products that encourage discrimination or violence or products that display profanity or nudity.

  • Intellectual property: Violations of this clause occur when you’ve been found to have listed a painting or other product without citing its creator, or if you don’t have permission or rights to distribute.

We Are The Pros!

100% Guaranteed

If you’ve found yourself suspended, don’t panic. It’s certainly not the situation you want to find yourself in but it is possible to recover your account from this event. Don’t be fooled, though: the process is demanding and you will need to dedicate yourself to it and ongoing improvement if you want to remain a Walmart Marketplace Seller.

Standard Appeal

Our Standard Appeal follows our effective Three Step Appeal Process. It is designed to get your Walmart Account reactivated the first time — but we don’t give up if you don’t get it back the first try.


Appeal letter delivery: 7 - 10 Business Days

Expedited Appeal

Our Rapid Appeal follows the same Three Step Appeal Process as our Standard Appeal – but your Walmart appeal letter will be ready much faster. This is a great option for sellers with large sales volumes. 

Appeal letter delivery: One business day

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