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Wiedereinführung des Amazon-Dienstes

Bringen Sie Ihr Amazon-Verkäuferkonto mit unserem erstklassigen Service zum Laufen

Es geht um viel. Ihr Amazon-Konto ist gesperrt. Ihnen entgehen Einnahmen. Ihr Stresslevel liegt außerhalb der Charts.

Sperrungsarten, gegen die wir erfolgreich Einspruch eingelegt haben

Amazon deactivates accounts that don’t schedule a shift for six months. They assume you’re no longer interested in driving in the Flex program after 180 days. Reinstating an Amazon Flex account closed because of inactivity is as easy as asking. You might have to show proof of identification for reinstatement.

Violated Harassment Policy
The Amazon Flex delivery drivers are independent contractors. But Amazon has a strict workplace policy and will fire workers for harassment. Harassment and behaviors that result in deactivation include sexual advances and graphic comments. Lewd messages, insults, physical advances, or anything suggestive violates the policy.  They’ll remove Amazon Flex drivers if another employee, independent contractor, or customer complains. Amazon Flex deactivated accounts because of harassment usually aren’t reinstated.

Driving Under the Influence
Amazon drivers must never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They’ll close the Amazon account of anyone caught driving under the influence. They have a zero-tolerance policy.

Missing Delivery Blocks
A missed block or canceling at the last minute can result in a late cancellation penalty.
If you make a habit of missing blocks, Amazon will deactivate your account.
They don’t have a set number of times they’ll tolerate before deactivation.
But the more penalties you have, the more likely deactivation becomes.

Customer Complaints
Amazon is one of the most customer-focused companies in the world. Customer complaints are a fast path to an Amazon Flex deactivated account. Customers will complain if you lose packages or deliver them to the wrong address. Not scanning packages or photographing them in a safe place can hurt you, too. Late deliveries count against you. Packages that arrive smashed or broken will result in complaints. Too many customer complaints can threaten your account.

Outdated Driving Documents
You’ll need to keep your driver’s license, registration, and auto insurance documentation current.
Any changes in driving eligibility or outdated documents risk your account.

Bringing a Passenger
Amazon allows you to have passengers in your vehicle while you make deliveries. But they have rules about what passengers can do while you’re on the job. Passengers can’t get out while you’re picking up packages. Whether you’re at an Amazon warehouse or another store, they must remain in the vehicle. They can’t interact with customers or drive the car. If you have a service animal in the car, it needs to stay in the car and not interact with customers. Violations of the passenger policy can result in fast deactivation. You can avoid this by never carrying passengers while on the job.

Having a Weapon
You can’t carry a weapon while delivering for Amazon. Even if you have a concealed carry license, you can’t have a weapon.

Driving for Rideshare During your block
Amazon can deactivate your account if you work as a rideshare driver during an Amazon Flex block and violate the passenger policy.

Submit Your Appeal

You must draft a correct appeal letter and explain your entire situation to the Amazon team. A firmly drafted appeal letter must be sent to the customer support email id at “” This is likely to get you a response over the appeal. You can send the appeal mail regularly to come into the eyes of the occupied teams. Continuous efforts can get you through this.

At times when there is no reply for days, an Amazon Flex escalation email can give the desired output. While raising your concern, it is important to be polite and compassionate while feeling apologetic for your actions.

Amazon has been a credible brand and focused immensely on its customer convenience. Given its mission to be completely consumer-centric, it is evident for Amazon to be non-tolerant towards the actions that bother its users. Meeting the quality standards set by the company and complying with its regulations, you can secure a firm role. Through the Amazon Flex program, one can make a great living and achieve their goals with the adaptability of their schedule. It is thus essential to persist with your appeals till you get a concrete, affirmative response.

Wir sind die Profis!

100% garantiert

Unser Team besteht aus mehr als einem Dutzend ehemaliger Amazon-Mitarbeiter aus den Bereichen Verkäuferleistung, Kontozustand, Verkäufer-Support und mehr. Sie verstehen den Kündigungsprozess von Amazon besser als jeder andere. In einigen Fällen haben sie es geschaffen! Unsere Analysten analysieren Ihr Konto, um sicherzustellen, dass wir die Probleme, die Ihre Amazon-Deaktivierung verursacht haben, vollständig verstehen.


Unser Standardeinspruch folgt unserem effektiven dreistufigen Einspruchsverfahren. Es ist so konzipiert, dass es beim ersten Mal eine Amazon-Reaktivierung erhält – aber wir geben nicht auf, wenn Sie es nicht beim ersten Versuch zurückbekommen.


Zustellung des Einspruchsschreibens: 7 - 10 Werktage

Beschleunigter Einspruch

Unser schneller Einspruch folgt dem gleichen dreistufigen Einspruchsverfahren wie unser Standardeinspruch – aber Ihr Amazon-Einspruchsschreiben wird viel schneller fertig sein. Dies ist eine großartige Option für Verkäufer mit großen Verkaufsmengen. 

Zustellung des Einspruchsschreibens: Ein Werktag

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