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  • How long will it take?
    After we provide you with the appeal letter, it typically take 1-3 business days to get reinstated.
  • What happens if Amazon requests more information?
    We shall continue handling the appeal for your account until your account has been re-instated. This will include all the consecutive responses that Amazon demands regarding your account suspension and activation. We do a thorough check-up for every reply from Amazon and correct the mistakes so that you are back in action in no time. The best part – we only charge you once!
  • What if my account is not reinstated?
    If you follow our instructions and do not implement any changes in the appeal documents, we assure you a money-back guarantee depending on the case and your account status. Amazon appeals process can go up to 15 rejections. We value our time and your time, if we think the account cannot be reinstated, we will stop working on the case and issue you a full refund. It will be our decision when to conclude the case.
  • How many times you will handle my case?
    For any tough cases, there are no limited times for us to dealing with them. We will fight for your case as long as possible with no additional cost.
  • Can I handle the case myself?
    No need for you to handle the case by yourself. We will take care of the appeal letter all the time and you only need to send the appeal letter through the way we request.
  • Do you offer a refund if my account gets reinstated but gets blocked again?
    Once your account has been reinstated, we are out of the contract. Amazon can suspend the account again for any other violations. Service is limited to one suspension only.
  • Which issues may void the money-back guarantee?
    Alteration of the appeal Not complying with the points listed in the appeal. (e.g. deleting particular listings or making changes)Incomplete information-sharing regarding your Amazon account Incomplete or inaccurate information about invoices, suppliers, authorization, etc Sharing our appeals on online forums, web chats, or other public domains without our written consent Going against our recommendations for contacting Amazon or re-submissions If we reinstate your account and the account gets suspended again for similar reasons, we cannot guarantee that your account will be re-activated. Ceasing communication with us before your account queries has been activated or resolved.
  • How long does Amazon take to respond?
    Amazon customarily delivers a response within 1 – 7 working days, but through the experience, we have also seen responses to take up to 1 – 3 weeks.
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