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What is The Reason for Amazon’s Account Suspension?

Although Amazon is a private equity firm, it’s subjected to stringent laws. Below we’ve covered some major reasons you may check;

  • Your Amazon account may get suspended if you don’t properly reach Amazon’s standards, such as; bad reviews, pre-fulfillment withdrawal or cancellation rate, and delayed shipment rate.

  • If you don’t fulfill Amazon’s seller performance requirements, or if you breach any one of their selling regulations, your Amazon account may be suspended.

  • Both selling banned products and not adhering to Amazon’s standards might result in an Amazon account suspension.

  • Even when you’ve violated the standard of performance or selling policy, you’ll receive a suspension notice outlining the ASINs of the implicated products.

  • You should understand that not all things you can sell on the Amazon marketplace. Your concern is necessary on the role of Amazon restricted products so that you can avoid these products from the products category.

Whatever the reason, if your Amazon business account gets suspended, you will get notified through email. Unfortunately, you’ll be unable to sell on the Amazon marketplace until the suspension is canceled.

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